PSAECO is an association consisting of representatives from all Pennsylvania statewide county row office associations.  PSAECO works collaboratively with the General Assembly, the Governor’s office and the judiciary to pursue policy objectives beneficial to the citizens of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.


PSAECO, founded in 1956, originally met at the Dauphin County Courthouse and moved to Room 633 of the Capital Building on September 23, 1974. After moving to the Senate Minority Caucus Room in April of 1985, PSAECO met in that chamber until moving to the Senate Majority Caucus Room in December of 1997.

We meet quarterly with the Local Government Commission.

The Local Government Commission, created in 1935 by an Act of the Assembly is one of the oldest agencies of its kind in the United States.  The Commission is comprised of five Senators and five House Members, appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and Speaker of the House, respectively.

The current members are as follows:

  • Senator Robert D. Robbins, Chairman
  • Senator Edwin B. Erickson
  • Senator John H. Eichelberger, Jr.
  • Senator J. Barry Stout
  • Senator John N. Wozniak
  • Representative Robert Freeman
  • Representative David R. Kessler
  • Representative Richard T. Grucela
  • Representative Chris Ross
  • Representative Mauree Gingrich

The Executive Director is Michael P. Gasbarre. The former Executive Director was Virgil F. Puskarich.  Virgil was the Executive Director for 30 years and passed away on January 4, 2004.  Because of his dedication to PSAECO, we now give an annual award in his honor:  "The Virgil F. Puskarich Award for Excellence in Government".  The first recipient in 2005 was Senator Robert D. Robbins.  We give this award at our annual Legislative Appreciation Dinner in December.

Virgil F. Puskarich was an Educator, Community Leader, and a Public Servant.  We knew him best as the Executive Director of the Local Government Commission, an office he held for 30 years.  Virgil helped, guided and touched the lives of so many citizens and local and state officials.  The life and work of Virgil F. Puskarich have earned for him this memorial acknowledgment:  "Well done thou good and faithful servant."

Past Presidents

1.  Lester Albright, Registers of Wills/ Clerks of Orphans Court
     Northumberland County,1957-1959

2.  Fred Lamberton, Commissioner
     Erie County,1960-1963

3.  Harold Bonno, District Attorney
     Northumberland County,1964-1965

4.  Leroy Minor, Prothonotaries & Clerks of Courts
      Greene County,1966

5.  Harry R. Burd, Registers of Wills/ Clerks of Orphans Court
     Centre County,1967-1968

6.  Robert B. Failor, Sheriff
     Cumberland County,1969-1970

7.  Thomas R. Joyce, Treasurer
     Monroe County, 1971-1972

8.  Robert Casey, Recorder of Deeds
     Cambria County,1973-1974

9.  William E. Rice, Registers of Wills/Clerks of Orphans Court
     Warren County,1975-1976

10. Robert Grove, Controller
      Blair County,1977-1978

11. Edward Brady, Prothonotaries & Clerks of Courts
      Fayette County,1979-1980

12. Merle E. Wood, Coroner
      Erie County,1981-1982

13. John Schroyer, Registers of Wills/ Clerks of Orphans Court
      Fayette County, 1983-1984

14. Timothy L. Pesci, Controller
      Armstrong County,1985-1986

15. Raymond Krasinski, Sheriff
      Elk County,1987-1988

16. Isa Breneisen, Recorder of Deeds
      Lancaster County, 1989-1990

17. Harold W. Risser Jr., Registers of Wills/ Clerks of Orphans Court
      Lebanon County, 1990-1991

18. Raymond Krasinski, Sheriff
      Elk County,1992

19. Donna Whitenight, Jury Commissioners
      Columbia County, 1993-1994

20. Doris A. Glassmann, Prothonotaries & Clerks of Courts
       Lehigh County, 1995

21. Harry L. Geiger, Sheriff
      Pike County,1995-1996

22. Ronald N. Cohen, Recorder of Deeds
       Lancaster County,1997

23. Stephen Lukach, Prothonotaries & Clerks of Courts
      Schuylkill County, 1998-2000

24. Gregory A. Sahd, Treasurer
       Lancaster County, 2001-2002

25. Judy Moser, Registers of Wills/ Clerks of Orphans Court
      Butler County, 2003-2004

26. Robert B. Wollyung, Sheriff
      Franklin County, 2005-2006

27. Jan Jalajainen, Recorder of Deeds, 
      Lawrence County, 2007-2008

28. Dennis J. Kwiatkowski, Coroner,
      Cambria County, 2009-2010

29. Terry Adamik, Treasurer, 
       Adams County, 2011-2012

30. Patricia Streams-Warman, Recorder of Deeds,
       Indiana County, 2013-2014

31. Robert P. Green, Controller, 
       York County, 2015-2016

32. Don O'Shell, Clerk of Courts
       York County, 2017-2018

33. Don Petrille, Register of Wills/ Clerk of the Orphans’ Court
Bucks County, 2019-



  • Act as liaison between state organizations and the General Assembly

  • Assist in creating a more effective and efficient government

  • Open lines of communication in government

  • Achieve uniformity and cooperation in government at all levels

  • Work with the Local Government Commission and Local Government Committees in the House and Senate to promote legislation that will enhance the function of government

  • To serve local government by representing its interests before the legislature


Virgil F. Puskarich

Virgil F. Puskarich



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