Article 1

Name: The name of this association shall be, “Pennsylvania State Association of Elected County Officials”, hereinafter referred to as PSAECO.

Article II

Purpose: The purpose of PSAECO shall be to bring into closer cooperation and association the various elected county officials’ state associations to secure more uniformity and cooperation in the conduct of county business, and for the general benefit and mutual welfare of the different member associations.

Article III

Membership: Membership in PSAECO shall be limited to associations that represent the following elected county officials: auditors, commissioners, controllers, coroners, clerks of court, clerks of orphans' court, district attorneys, jury commissioners, prothonotaries, recorders of deeds, registers of wills, sheriffs, and treasurers, or their counterparts.

Organization: The business of PSAECO shall be conducted by a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. No one holding the office of President or Vice-President may serve for more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

An Executive Committee shall be elected at the annual meeting and shall consist of five individuals. All members of the Executive Committee shall be representatives.

No two members of the Executive Committee may be elected from the same member association.

Members of PSAECO shall elect at the annual meeting a panel of at least three individual representatives to serve as a Legislative Committee.

Any vacancy in any office, Executive Committee, or Legislative Committee shall be filled by election at the next regular meeting of PSAECO.

A representative not reappointed to the PSAECO Association by their respective Member Associations shall, as a result, be ineligible for any office or executive committee position, so long as they remain not appointed by the President of their Member Association, and any such position wherein such Representative had been serving, shall be immediately vacant and filled by election for the unexpired term at the next regular meeting of PSAECO.

Article IV

Time and Place of Meetings: PSAECO shall hold regular monthly meetings except July and August. Any monthly meeting, except the annual meeting, may be canceled by the President for good reason. (e.g., General assembly not in session, emergency, etc.)

The annual meeting shall be held during the month of November of each year during which time the officers, members of the Executive Committee, and Legislative Committee shall be elected to serve for a term of one year or until such time as their successors shall be duly elected. Terms will begin January 01 of the new year.

Article V

Article VI

Representation: Each member association of PSAECO shall be entitled to three representatives or delegates.

A Representative shall be defined as an elected county office holder of member offices covered in Article III or their counterparts, meaning holding the same office, but titled in a different manner. An appointed county office holder may be certified as a representative of a respective member association and state his association's opinions during the meetings and voting process.

A Delegate shall be defined as someone who is not an elected or appointed county official but is certified as a representative of a respective member association. The delegate shall have the right to state his or her association's opinion during the meetings. They may also cast a vote for their association provided that at least one elected or appointed county official representing that association is present at the meeting.

In the event one of the representatives or delegates cannot attend, an alternate chosen by the respective association shall represent the association. The alternate will have the same voting status as the representative or delegate he or she is replacing.

Names of these representatives or delegates and alternates are to be presented in writing to the Secretary of PSAECO within thirty (30) days following the annual conferences and within thirty (30) days of appointment whenever changes are required.

Elections: All elections shall be by ballot, if there are more candidates nominated for any office above the number to be elected, the President shall appoint at least two tellers to receive and count the ballots and report the results. It shall require a majority vote of the members present and qualified to vote, to elect any Officer or Executive Committee member. Upon demand of any representative, the votes cast for each candidate shall be announced. Ballots shall be destroyed upon Motion.

Article VII

Quorum: Representation by an official representative or delegate of a majority of the member associations in good standing in PSAECO shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any session or annual meeting

Article VIII

Roll Call: On all questions or motions, except the election of Officers and other members of the Executive Committee where ballots are required, the votes of the members in good standing may be taken via voice; but on demand of any representative, the secretary shall call the roll and demand a yea and nay vote and announce the result. The individual votes shall be published in the record of the proceedings.

Article IX

Dues: The annual dues of each member association shall be not less than Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($750) payable on or before April 30th of each year, to keep the member association in good standing for the balance of the year. No member association in arrears shall be entitled to any privileges or benefits of membership unless restored to good standing upon payment of the delinquent dues.

Article X

Duties of Officers:

President: The President shall preside over all meetings and shall have the right to call the annual meeting, designating the time for said meeting at least three weeks before the date fixed for same. The President shall appoint the members of all committees for which any need shall arise, constantly taking into consideration representatives from the various member associations holding membership in PSAECO. By virtue of the office, the President shall have a place and membership on any and all committees of this association.

Vice-President: In the absence of the President, or in case of his or her inability to preside over a meeting of PSAECO or fulfill his or her duties, the duties hereinbefore prescribed to the office of the President shall be performed by the Vice-President.

Secretary: The Secretary shall attend all meetings of PSAECO and of the Executive Committee and shall keep accurate minutes of their proceedings and carry on all necessary correspondence for them.

The Secretary shall give the required notices of annual and special meetings of PSAECO and due notice of all committee meetings and other events to those interested therein.

Treasurer: The treasurer shall collect all dues and other monies owing or accruing to PSAECO, and deposit same in a bank, or other financial institution approved by PSAECO, and in an official account kept in the name of PSAECO. The Treasurer may draw upon such deposits to pay all ordinary or authorized expenses, but all such disbursements, or other disbursements shall be subject to the approval of PSAECO in regular meetings. A report shall be made of all monies received and disbursed at each meeting of PSAECO.

Legislative Representative: The legislative Representative shall keep representatives and delegates informed of the passage of laws affecting the duties of their several offices, and/or proposed legislation, and otherwise advise any member association of conditions requiring their cooperation for the welfare of PSAECO.

Compensation: The Secretary and Treasurer shall be compensated for their services by PSAECO in such sum per year as approved by PSAECO, in addition to the necessary expenses for clerical assistance, printing , postage, correspondence or other communications with representatives, delegates, officers or committees, including traveling expenses when required to perform duties away from home.

The Legislative Representative shall be reimbursed for his or her expenses and other expenses which may be incurred in the performance of the duties as approved by PSAECO.

Article XI

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall hold meetings for the review of pending or proposed legislation and all proposals submitted to them and shall recommend those of greatest importance or benefit for immediate action by PSAECO.

The Chairperson of the Executive Committee shall be elected annually by the members of the committee. The Executive Committee Chairperson shall be responsible for reporting new legislation and/or any other issues of importance to members of PSAECO at the regular monthly meetings.

The President may call meetings of the Executive Committee at such time or place as the interest of PSAECO may require.

Legislative Committee: The duties of the Legislative Committee shall be outlined by PSAECO and shall include, but not be limited to, regularly monitoring legislation and legislative actions subsequent to having been introduced by the Executive Committee, and provide monthly update reports to keep representatives and delegates informed of any movement or actions taken on legislation affecting the duties of their several offices.

Communication Committee: The Communications Committee shall be established for the purpose of providing a platform for the exchange of information and to foster dialogue of current issues and developments. It shall be the duty of the Communications Committee to identify effective means and forums for open communications among the member groups, government entities, and the General Assembly.

Members shall be appointed by the president at the annual meeting or such other times as needed, in the case of vacancies.

Article XII

Compensation: The Secretary and Treasurer shall be compensated for their services by PSAECO in such sum per year as approved by PSAECO at the annual meeting, in addition to the necessary expenses for clerical assistance, printing, postage, correspondence or other communications with representatives, delegates, officers or committees, including traveling expenses when required to perform duties away from home.

Legislative Committee and any such committee members who are authorized by PSAECO to travel in its behalf shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.

Mileage Reimbursement: Any reimbursement for travel authorized by PSAECO shall be at the current IRS approved reimbursement rate.

Article XIII

Amendments: No amendment to this Constitution and By-Laws shall be made except by a two-thirds favorable vote of all member associations at any regular meeting. Notice of proposed amendment is to be given in writing at least three weeks prior to the vote.

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Article XIV